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ELEVATE Spray Applicator Pump Nozzle

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How to Use the Elevate Spray Applicator?

  • Remove the cap of the Elevate Hair Fibers Bottle.
  • Remove the Sifter from the bottle by applying pressure and turning and lifting it off.
  • Attach and Screw in Elevate Spray Applicator.
  • Squeeze the Elevate Spray Applicator ball to dispense fibers gently and accurately.
  • Applying more or less pressure controls the amount of hair fibers dispensed.

Elevate Spray Applicator Benefits:

  • Allows for an easier more precise effective method to apply hair fibers.
  • Perfect accessory for every hair fiber user.
  • Apply your hair fibers with amazing speed & accuracy in half the time.
  • Easy & Convenient to use with well-sealed nozzle.

What Else Should You Expect?

  • The Elevate Spray Applicator will improve your results tremendously with your very first application! Note: Elevate Hair Building Fibers are sold separately. 


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LONG LASTING & ECONOMICAL: Designed to maximize your results dispersing fibers evenly & uniformly to leave you with a professional and confident appearance. 

Allows you to spray hair fibers very precisely resulting in the use of less fibers to save you money and fibers!

UPC: 860000507547