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ELEVATE Hair Perfecting 3-in-1 Kit Set Includes Natural Hair Thickening Fibers & Spray Applicator Pump Nozzle & Locking Setting Hold Hair Spray | Instantly Conceal Balding Hair Areas

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What makes Elevate Hair Fibers the best in the Industry?
  • We only use Top Quality Natural hair fibers that attach Easily and 100% Undetectably.
  • Instantly covers thinning areas and bald spots within seconds.
  • Super Easy Application and Removal.
  • Perfect for Men and Women who need a quick solution and don’t want to use medications.
  • Each bottle lasts between 60-90 days based on frequency and usage.
Elevate Hair Fibers Benefits:
  • Best fibers for concealing thinning areas and bald spots in under 30 seconds.
  • Blend perfectly with your natural hair color to ensure they are 100% undetected.
  • They will keep your hair looking thicker, fuller, and more volume all day.
  • Newest most efficient keratin formula on the market.
  • Recommended by stylists and barbers.
  • Half the price of competitors with double the quality.

COMBO 3-IN-1 VALUE KIT - INSTANT THICKER FULLER HAIR IN SECONDS: Elevate Hair Building Fibers gives you the immediate appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The Spray Applicator Pump allows precise application of hair fibers to make the process easier and faster for thinning or balding areas. The Hair Fiber Locking Spray is a long-lasting all-day formula to keep fibers in place and look more natural.

NATURAL HAIR FIBERS + PROFESSIONAL SPRAY APPLICATOR + FIBER LOCKING HAIR SPRAY: Made of the highest quality 100% natural keratin protein fibers to bond, thicken, and conceal thinning hair instantly, effectively, accurately, and undetectably. The Spray Applicator disperses fibers evenly, uniformly, and fast to achieve results instantly! The Hair Spray assists to produce long lasting natural results all day long!

PRECISE APPLICATION + FLAWLESS STYLING + IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Our 3-in-1 hair fiber kit has the best tools to help you achieve your desired appearance with ease, speed, and accuracy. This kit contains all the accessories to maximize your results & we are confident once you try this set, you won't be able to try anything else!

EASY TO USE AND LONG-LASTING: Spray hair fibers onto thinning areas for instant coverage within seconds. Pat hair gently to set fibers and then spray 2-4 pumps of hair fiber locking spray to strengthen the bond for an amazing all-day confident appearance. Lasts all day and when no longer needed, simply wash out with shampoo. Spray Applicator should be rinsed with warm water monthly.

ELEVATE 100% HASSLE FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are highly confident that you’ll regain your confidence and love your results that we back each bottle with our complete risk-free guarantee. Buy & try a bottle of Elevate Hair Fibers and if you don’t love it – we will refund you right away! All of our products come with this 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee when you Buy Today!

Directions: Use on dry hair. Spray fibers with applicator carefully on thinning areas. Pat hair gently to disperse and set fibers. Spray 2-4 pumps of locking spray. Let hair sit for 1 minute. Repeat steps until you reach desired thickness and style. Close lid and keep away from moisture.

Ingredients: Hair Fibers: 100% Natural Keratin, Centrimonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, Iron Oxides // Hair Spray: Water, Acrylate, Propylene Glycol, Oxidation of Castor Oil, EDTA-2Na.

Indications: Strengthens the bond between Hair Fibers and your existing hair, producing longer-lasting results.