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Elevate Rice Water Spray (biotin, caffeine, rice water formula)

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Product Benefits: Rice Water Spray for Hair Growth Infused Biotin Caffeine & Aloe Vera - Fermented Rice Water Leave In Hair Mist For Thinning Damaged Hair - Vegan Non-Greasy Naturally Thicker Longer Softer Hair

  • RICE WATER FOR MAXIMUM HAIR GROWTH: This specialized formula utilizes the secret of fermented rice water, and fortifies it with the top ingredients applauded by the modern natural sciences for natural hair growth. Each ingredient has a specific purpose that helps you get what you want: healthier, stronger, thicker, better hair.
  • POWERFUL BLEND OF RICE WATER, BIOTIN, & CAFFEINE: Invigorated with these hair loving ingredients, our rice water is well prepared to treat your hair to an entirely new level of natural hair care. Caffeine boosts blood circulation & stimulates your scalp. Biotin is an essential hair vitamin for strengthening hair strands & growth health.
  • THICKER, STRONGER, LONGER HAIR: Our fermented rice water is inspired by the same exact recipe used by the famous Yao women of China. For generations they have passed down the tradition of using homemade fermented rice water in their hair. Today, we pass this tradition on to you.
  • LIGHT HAIR MIST FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Our Vegan Rice Water for hair growth spray is expertly blended to deliver the nutrients your hair & scalp need, without the grease, and oily residue associated with other chemically packed rice water sprays. Ideal for all types of hair, from dry and brittle to oily, and those who suffer from flaky dandruff.
  • MADE IN USA IN SMALL BATCHES: Our rice water sprays are slowly brewed in the USA using traditional small-batch brewing methods including organic and whole plant ingredients and NO synthetic cheap filler ingredients. Most of the rice waters you see on the market will skip the fermentation process and are Made in China to save on costs.